Month: October 2016


I miss my body

Her collarbones her thighs her heart on sleeve

I took her apart,

And tried to tinker with parts of myself

I was insecure about

I felt as if no one could see me

The happier I would be.

I miss my body’s drape under cloth

Pouch of fat pinch of bone

Stretched under my skirt

When I saw my knees.

I miss my body’s sex appeal

How it uncoiled in my fingers 

As I played with the springs of my hair.

I miss my body’s sigh when I flirted with street walk 

And doused perfume over the tops of my breasts

In case I lean nearer to his breath.

I miss my body’s backbone 

Open to the sky

When I felt the grass touch my skin

I miss my body’s peek of tummy 

When her hands lazily brushed over it

Tugging at embroidered seam.

I miss my body’s warm shoulder

Kissed by the sun

Painting gold onto my collarbones

And forehead.

I miss my body

As if I no longer own it 

Under these clothes.

Forgive me.


Infatuation, a year later (draft)

I’ve built a dollhouse in you with

Windows trimmed with my hopes as if

You can give me whatever the stars are made out of.

I want syrupy love

Filtered through a funnel, but 

That kind of talk kills people 

At night in their sleep.

I’ve placed the floorboards behind you.

A bridge to nowhere, but I’ll cross

It like my life depends on it.

I ate the dog eared pages of poetry,

Highlighted sentences trailing over period marks.

I’ve made my bed, blankets hanging

Off the edge

Tugged at by monsters underneath