For lopsided tables and spare wheels

It’s okay if you mean nothing to someone

Some days you’ll cut your soft gazes short

Realizing it might never be 

But after awhile I hope your love knows it’s allowed to go

Go so far 

Where you can only run to find better things for yourself 

And if you’re tired of running – 

I hope you teach yourself how to walk all the way home

Even when you’re scared

That you might miss out

On something you think can blossom in a lifetime

It’s okay

If you’re smiling at the stars in your heart 

Burning you from the inside out

To glow 

Glow as the moon does when no one looks up as much

Because it’s not a full moon

Or rare eclipse

It’s okay if you loved 

With nothing to show for it in return

Because I hope you learn that this is how you stay free

From falling 


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