Month: June 2016

Dry hands crack but they still can hold another’s hands

My dear –
How can you not see
The parts of yourself you’re rushing
To fix and laboriously contain
Into wells, bathtubs, and buckets.
This is only the beginning
Where water glides over hands, arms,
And feet – the act of ritual cleansing.
One more time,
The ocean laps against the sand,
And then the tide recedes again.

Do you not see –
We’ll do this many times
Kneel when we’re tired of asking
Kneel when we’re frustrated with not being quite what we had hoped to be
But the sea, the ocean, and the rivers
Come again
Even when water around us depletes.
I ask you for tonight, tomorrow, and transcending periods of time
Whether I am able to become clean.
My fingers are raw from the washboard.
They are dry from my hands never leaving the water.
But I try
I try forcing the tears
Sunken in my sorrows, out.
My dear –
Don’t you see,
Prayer paddles in water,
And sometimes swims for miles in seas, oceans, and canals

– Yet we are here
Day by day
Looking for a place where our thirst is quenched by nothing more than a single invocation of His name.


´╗┐Because wishing makes the room feel crowded

In another life,
Transcending past glazed sunsets,
And frosted night skies,
I hope I remember what now feels like.

I hope I never forget
The creases of my mouth,
And the casual hand hiding a smile
Nor the placement of my hands
Out of sight
and neatly in my lap.

In another life,
I hope it’s beauty that I remember
When looking for the faces of people in the past.
This beauty which cradles faces to weather the storm,
And this beauty where compassion overflows.

I hope time buries itself in the ground,
And all who walk here years later –
Know that this feeling of contentment existed.
Trial by default,
I harvest my doubts
And reap them alongside the fresh seeds of my future.
I plant these tiny memories in places,
Where I hope to come back
And live them once more.

In another life,
I hope that what happens here
Blooms under rocks
Bursts bombastically out of tree trunks
And says that my compassion is built
On nothing less than hope.