No sandbags to keep the water out

My whole heart aches for what I cannot tell my mother

We stand at either side of the stream, waving to one another, shouting

Come into the cool water ( I love you)

Come and see what I’ve reaped after I’ve sown

My worries and anxieties 

That grow like vines

My whole heart faces my father

And paddles out to him in the storm

Our canoes swishing like a rag being rinsed out again –

We will try again to forget our sorrows,


I’ve made tea 

Where the warmth feeling runs down our backs like waterfalls

I’ve made tea,

And there’s still some on the stove (I love you)
When I grew older, I kept things

Because I was afraid

That there wouldn’t be a parade of accomplishments

I was afraid that the path I choose,

Where I sense peace,

Will divide the lakes and the streams

My parents made me for me when I grew in the womb


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