I am coming undone.
A spool of thread,
Quickly bouncing off the stairs.
Rows of trees with large fruit
Filled my dreams.
I came undone.
Slowly, pulling the zipper down my dress.
There are no hands to come behind me.
There is no weighted vibrato voice
To saunter in from the next room.
I am coming undone.
Still lying on the bed at noon.
Retreating somewhere hidden.
A nook for those who like to get lost on purpose
For those who look at books,
As their only faithful lovers
That will choose them over and over again.
I came undone.
Ate my desperation
Then later purged it in the flower bed.
Do it scared.
Do what scared?
Love comfortably with fear,
As if it waits for me under a street light
Waiting for me,
To joke with the guys back home,
That fear is my mistress.


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