For the oppressed to burn is a testimony

You are someone,
Who is welded together by fury and rage.
You incinerate the whole house others have boxed you in,
And as the ash settles,
And the smoke hangs around us like a fog,
I remember why people like you burn.
You are someone forged from the earth’s dirt,
Sifted through sands of many worlds,
And each time it rains,
Each time the lapping of the shore taunts you,
You burn as a low fire into the night.
You are someone who crouches down into the center of the earth,
And simmers.
Here, you wait when the weight of this house gives.
Here, you weld over the broken hinges of yourself and become stronger.
You stand and rise to your feet – ascending before our eyes.
You are someone who will survive.
You will walk out of that burning home like a sauntering phantom.
Fury and rage,
You come out singed but brave.


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