A stipend to enjoy freedom

Far off,
Where the oceans collide and slosh against their imaginary borders,
I imagine a love that sails weightless –
Tapered to ships
Carrying survivors of many wars.
Far and near,
Amber and walnut brown eyes
Find ways to interpret that their homes are in each land.
The sounds of waves crash into our ears.
Chin deep,
I come back to the fading in and out of dreams.
Closer and closer,
Salt air fills our lungs
And imaginary borders cease to exist.
Lands with statuesque trees,
Transparent streams with fish darting to and fro,
Run through our minds.
Far off,
The chain links of fences,
Concrete blocks of towering walls
dissolve mid air.
Far off,
The lines in our palms are like maps to places we haven’t been to yet.
Find me,
And we shall run barefoot against hot sands,
Bob up and down in raging waves,
And find where is it we are free.


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