Steadfast, we could be

Take from this heart what you will,
Lay the weapons down on the floor,
And find it in yourself this inkling to survive,
To live despite persecution, destruction and mounds of uncertainty.
Take it all,
Lift up your palms and shout,
That what moves through the trees,
As brisk as wind,
Can flow within us.
Lay the weapons down,
Place your hands upon one another’s hearts,
May you feel the heartbeat resound,
It’s beat shattering the silence.
Lay the weapons down,
And come home trudging through open fire,
Fighting away the unbearable heat.
Lay the weapons down,
As you look through the streams,
Rocks glistening at the bottom,
Fish darting in all directions.
Lay the weapons down,
Move your lips to utter prayers.
Call for forgiveness,
Place your swords in the dirt,
Let the wind kick up
And hide them as the many tombs of past ones,
Remove the guns from your hands,
See the lines running through your palm,
See the veins connecting,
Entire roads that can still go somewhere.
Somewhere that is not here,
A place that transcends all that we know.
Come now,
It is time to no longer wade waist deep in these waters.
It is time to fill our vases with water and give to those who do not have much.
Lay the weapons down,
Letting the earth take from us,
What we have created to destroy ourselves.
Come now let us sit in the rain,
Clouds shrouding overhead,
Icy drops
Tantalizing our skin.
Come now let us remember or try to,
That to lay our weapons down,
We could save ourselves from the monstrosities.
Lay them down,
Fall with many to their knees
As our prayers swirl within the wind.


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