Ode to my future love,

Our hearts cracked open,
And with the breaking of bread,
You spoke to me as honey.
Through the valleys of warm yeast, flour and sugar;
You came to me with your arms and said,
“Here, you are safe.”
I come from long days,
Beaming in the sun and
Carrying my worries.
I till the land and rake whatever doubts we have away.
With the night skies,
Deep as black as blue can be,
I wait for you to come home.
This meal I have prepared;
Fresh bread kneaded with my hands
And these that we have brought from our garden,
Remind me of how much I love you.
Here you are safe.
The whisks of breeze whip against us,
Bringing what they may
And you pull me in embrace mouthing
“Here you are safe.”
Our years have been like stone tablets,
Philosophers, our parents, dear friends
And abusers place their mark upon us.
We take in each hand;
This will to till our own land,
And fears that duck like shy children at our legs.
Our hopes for a better path will not warrant perfection –
But be a light that would shine faintly,
Where we would not feel alone.
I come under the fading of summer and the ripening of fall
And say to you,
And you to me,
“Here you are safe.”


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