Build with what you know…

We came into one another,
Wide eyed,
And bushy tailed.
Apart of me has traced your skin,
Stroking lines and lines,
Of words that have not be written –
Nor said.
For we had entire novellas,
Anthologies of our sorrows
And finer moments.
What has come in the night and stayed,
And perched outside our door like a bird, is peace.
Ruffling the sheets once more,
I turn to you watching the rise and fall of entire empires.
Your chest filling with new air,
And seeping out old things – like old clocks now silent.
I switch to the tension in your jaw,
How you grit back what has sickened you but left you stronger…
The immunity has left you ravaged with hope and in retrospect I can love how you live and survive.
With new pulleys and cables taut,
I hoist our new dreams together into the air.
We came to know one another,
Tired bones and hurt jaws,
Now we grow intertwined like vines,
Their stems cascading from the ground
To the height of our new towers.
We came to nestle into one another,
With murmured prayers during lazy afternoons,
Sleepily our lips touched our words.


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