And whom might call upon us?

After wrestling with my thoughts in the summer heat, I made peace with the arrival of autumn. Here it is, my destination without shaky hands and feet with the full power to hold me back. I come out and walk through the moonlit streets, predicting my heart could possibly be wild. The years go by. They are slipping through the rocks. They are climbing out from under the floorboards and then rocking me to sleep. Here it is! My cradle of fixing myself in positions to bring back the walls of the womb. Here it is! I reach out pulling the puppeteer strings I can see, the part of life that fools everyone that they have control of the future.
Moonlight, I saunter under now entrapped in my thoughts. My feet,  quick, walk hastily – no longer out of fear but that time could once again run past me. The darts, sprints and fleeting run leaves me with no time to catch the baton. No, the arrival of autumn toys with my skin that it is hot and then cold.   If it’s me you are looking for, then find courage to live and you will find me snaggled in the brush.


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