The Repercussions of Loving Too Deep

The Repercussions of Loving Too Deep
By Aginetta Mulima.


Writing is my escape.  My first published book ‘Whose to Say: Confessions of Teenagers’ contains a collection of poems I had written from Middle School to my Junior year in high school. It was one of the rare occasions in my life, where I would allow others to pull up a chair to examine who I was on the inside. The poems addressed the  shaky ground from childhood to adolescence in writing.
‘The Repercussions of Loving Too Deep’  however became the turning point, the world and its contents were still shaky but life had changed.
In this memoir (embodying poetry and fiction), love is the topic. It is one where I discuss platonic, romantic and familial love. It welcomes the the self-discovery process on how we love ourselves and the people around us. ‘Repercussions’ notes how much of the past we rely on to keep us strong.

This book contains a manuscript I had kept under wraps out of fear and denial.
However, DD Wright, an editor lended a helping hand to go through the text and encouraged me to share what I had to say. In fact, what I had to say was not only necessary but important for myself.

I encourage you to buy it on Amazon, CreateSpace and Kindle. Also, please share your thoughts/ reviews regarding it. Spread the word also!

It is available for sale here:

Author’s note:
DD Wright is available as an editor and a wonderful resource for writers at @poetry2life on Instagram. Also, her website is Her rates are affordable for budding authors of all backgrounds. She is an engaged teacher and poet located in New York.
Her work: Poetry2Life: Youth. Struggle.Love


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