Oh, what must I wish for

I want our love to be enduring.
Hand against cheek,
Let me remain alluring,
Kiss me with words,
Letting them trace against my skin.
If my heart can stay forgiving,
Find solace in what we have built.
I want this love to challenge time,
Cause forever to feel not long enough
To know you,
Cause winds to carry seeds where they are needed most.
I want my love for you to be vast,
Let it allow you to course through fear,
And come out triumphant.
Let our hands be touch upon touch,
For times such as these.
Let love,
Be a lamp,
Its warm glow,
Welcoming shadows,
From years past.
Let our despair,
Teach us survival,
Clutching what we know,
And thrusting courageously where we don’t.
Hand upon cheek,
Make love,
Make our love reach inside of ourselves,
And intertwine.

I want our love enduring.


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