Uprooting the weeds: a life lesson

Adamantly,  I wanted to expunge myself from what began the rationale, why certain people are better than others. I wanted to rid myself and flee out of the crowd, renewed and content I had gained perspective. The weeds grow wildly entangling themselves around the flowery beds of grass. The leaves began to develop thick, radish red veins. In the summer the height of the weeds  began soaring near our kneecaps. I wanted to cut it out. Take scissors to it and hack away that it did not belong here. The vicious things people had said about those who were ” “unclean” because it was they who did not want to empathize with them as being similar in heart. I wanted to push away that ridgidness.
Life, a revolving door spinning around and around, produced in me that it had not been fair to us all. We had not been fair to us…to them whose lives were just as meaningful as ours. Afflicted, I mused inwardly that I must flee from those who continue to subject pain onto others after they have been so graciously freed themselves. I am better than I was but I am not the best. One can internalize the words and actions of those that have started with them, however decide that their love and respect is purer. Our love was human. The desire to share one another’s struggles and learn the language we have crafted to carry ourselves. Our love, a thousand times washed over with understanding, that we love through pain, sickness and affliction. We love as if our whole being could not hold back what is in us. We share what we have gathered from the world despite our own ugliness for being indifferent toward our friends and whom we do not know.

The weeds,
We flee from,
And take with us our best,
To love in such a way,
We heal the world,
One day at a time.
For the world,
Is in you
and you are in it.
Right here,
Creating how it will continue
For the rest of us.


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