Let’s give ’em something to talk about

If they ask why I’ve gone missing

tell them that I’ve sauntered into an illusion

gifted in the form of isolation-

that wishes for me to write love letters

to all whom have comforted me in the unknowing of the night

and the heaving sighs of what tomorrow will promise to be like

If they ask why I’ve rarely said a word

tell them I’m learning to restrain from giving so much of myself

that I have no seeds left to plant elsewhere

it’s no use pretending one can transcend of being more than human

erase all moments of pride

later swallowed in guilt

If they ask why I’ve decided to not say where I am going

tell them the road ahead of me


always turning water into land and land into water

for there are days I must swim

paddle my way back to the motherland

hoping my mother and father understand

they must still try to teach me things when I am stubborn

utter sweet words of joy that the droughts and floods

welcome us all with open arms

leading us this and that way

up and over

and around the bends of a charted town

that feels overwhelmingly foreign

Tell them they need not to worry

whether I find love

for I fall in it as much as I fall out of it

Tell them who I really am

without fail

without holding back that I pride my scars for surviving

and I despise my only possible strengths for limiting me

If they ask why I go where I go

and say what I say

hold your index finger in the air while pressing it to your lips

and say

“Because I said so”


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