Play with your food and see if you like it

It’s times like these that make me forget who I am and what I was for a moment.
I entrust in you the deepest sympathy that we have decided to corner off ourselves from the world, although we still loathe in it. Not one ounce of energy can dissuade some from feeling hopelessly enraged that their lives are not going to plan. Some might even curse under their breath commuting to wherever it is that they go.
“If you could do anything without fear, what would you do?”
A phrase without a doubt every teenager, young adult and perplexed grown up has heard. But I ask you, would you do it if you knew you would lose friends? Are you all trusting knowing that other people will come along to support you emotionally, mentally and honestly?
The world is not a place of just doers and thinkers, no, there are those who tinker with their mind always making hypotheses what their life can be like. There are those who began each morning invigorated and excited, swinging their bedsheets off themselves and stand powerfully. Though, those people do change. Mornings become somber, a groaning fest how one cannot face the world. No? Perhaps not today. I want to stay home and never leave this nesting place.
I entrust in you to know that people are true in intention and act without cause of creating damage to themselves. Some silence things they can no longer bare to hear, others directly run into new directions and some well…
Tinker with the bolts, the screws and the hammering tools. Some sit like a child on holiday, trying to figure out all that is everything about their gift. One by one all decide what’s really important the gift itself or believing they can attain it like a dream.


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