Write like you’ve got nothing to lose

I began to write fluidly and exasperated that the words could not come out fast enough. My mind raced faster than my hand,  and the pain of my wrist began to kick in. Those simple fragmented clauses and overly scratched words seem to dismay me over time. Writing has no guidebook, tips that are useful but at many times not. The best books I have read carry smaller words and the author pens a feeling. Words couched simply without fluff but the feeling…does it ooze like syrup. It leaves one trudging away hoping to not relive the past but it is quicksand. The soles of our shoes stayed mostly planted on the cement and it seemed frivolous to try to get away.
Writing, some say is like falling in love, it’s euphoria of the first introductions. Some say it’s coming to terms that this moment could expand in endless possibilities. Writing is like falling in love for those who’ve frankly never be in companion with anyone. The ones who day dreaming that life is worth living if it’s not alone…if it doesn’t feel alone.
Crumpled papers, discarded word documents and arms folded across our chest, a writer seizes every opportunity to find reason to have run on sentences.


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