Leave the light on even if home is not where you think it is.

When someone tells you a story
It’s one that cultivates imagery
fuels so much imagination.
The greatest storyteller
carry the weight of a certain silence,
perfected pauses
sometimes leaning in and rubbing the bones of your knuckles.
Telling a good story
is like learning how to speak
and teach someone else at the same time.
It is one and the same
When someone sighs deeply,
fumbling with their hands
as if there was a bit of string in between
I find their posture reassuring.
I too
tend to
between allowing others to read what I wrote
learn what I have
see inside my home
without cleaning so much
where I feel like I am hiding what I truly am.
When someone tells you a story,
it’s an expression of describing what it’s like to come home
after a long day of wandering
even if they never left the house.
It’s as if they describe what it’s like to leave home
for the first time
with some retreats of their first upbringing
only with the dismays they are not different
but even so
what makes them the same
keeps them whole
rooted on the inside.
I wondered what it was like to change
abandon it all
accept and reject all in one swoop.
When someone tells a story,
I begin to understand that we were all there
in our way
to things we have felt
and things we have not.


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