There’s not a correct way to put words on paper just as much as there is not a way to learn how to grow up. I couldn’t quite grasp why it was easier for the people I graduated with to live without second guessing themselves where it impairs them from progressing.
It seems as if the best, from my own opinion, have learned what risk is and can function in spite of the legalities of what could happen. But I believe that is what frightens me, the what ifs in life and it’s not enough for someone to believe in you when you can’t bring yourself to do it. Before you know it you’re not sure where this numb feeling derived from but all that you know is…it knows you better than anyone. It knows that your doubts are like friends who frequent often leaving traces of themselves when they are no longer present.
There is something comfortable about not moving and making the most of what you have. It’s not a part of us, we take pride in but something that has been with us for a while.
The right words aren’t there
The convenience of forgetting how to communicate where all the sentences run into the next.
The shower
On the job
In the middle of traffic
Is when all my thoughts clash together,
Leaving ruins


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