The slump gene

We have immense desire to equate our happiness to formulas, drawn out venn diagrams of how good things are a result of x or y. The most salivating dream any human being has is to know what comes before the time has or the will to move on has.
Self-loathing has engineered the human brain to succumb that any moment of time is inevitable of lasting forever. Now I say that with the realization of perils in the world and oppression beyond imaginable. *Though, the people who have had nothing or have lost greatly carry their burdens with hope that this is not forever.
For some reason, it takes courage to admit that I cannot know what brings me the satisfaction of being content but remaining stagnant allows this self-loathing ‘gene’ to activate.

Despite all of this,
It’s those who have seen various glimpses of myself that state if you’re going to go through your 20’s get your damn head of the sand.


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