If it’s fair game of chess than I’ve brought my cards

I do not howl at the kitchen table
That the world has treated us poorly
Nor do the groans deter me from rising,  once more to fill the duties
To say I have lived before
And just maybe hitting my funny bone for the fifth time in two weeks
Doesn’t incline me to say that the world is not fair
It is nor fair nor unfair
It is an active working Congress of delegations of what it means to be human
And we see ourselves as to feel completed
And can we allow those around us to harbor such same strides
I say the world is not fair or unfair
As the night carelessly gives away our doubts and countless discretion
That we are not as whole
As we claim
And nor our neighbors
And those whose faces we do not know
Green dots
Notification dings
I am not fair or unfair
In ignoring the pop up screen
2nd microwave ding
Sympathetic commercial appeal
I am not as whole
And neither are you
Neither are we as one
Or together
But what is a house without windows?
What is this world without anguish
And suffering
I am not fair or unfair
Even though systematic regiments
Accounted losses and gains
Come with wholesale
That we create what prolongs our suffering
And grace
We create our difficulties to understand
What it is to acquire that knowledge is not freely given without reservation
We teach
As to what is expected
We jostle with the known and the unknown
Setting aside opinions of others
To live with ourselves as we have learned to be
I do not hold hands in recollection at the dining table
To remember upon times
It was not so…
Easy peasy lemon squeazy
I bang my funny bone for the sixth time
Having a shot of pain
Shoot through my nerves
And that brief moment feels like forever.


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