Month: November 2014

Derailment of all things addressing imbalance of power

What is the structural force that enables our society to continue the way it is?  What makes it flourish under strained conditions that not every man…ahem every child, woman and man…teenager, mother and father can not assume their safety? I pose the question to consider what makes it hard to say we are not free despite the gaps of inequalities that plague us….not you and sometimes not I. The imbalance of power and who gains control of what it means to be safe,  who gains control on whether people black or brown are people not thugs. What mothers are crying out, wailing that their sons and daughters are not exempt as being seen as children. To be loud is to inflict involuntary gazes publicly that I do not trust that individual. What strength must some muster to say if they are black and brown, they…we..I and not you are trying to tell their history for what it is. Not for the pompous boastfulness that it is seen as but how else will the children know they have value,  worth and that those around them will speak on the equality one does advocate for.
Where will the line divide us, down the middle through the treacherous waters or will it divide us between our stances to remain silent or humble enough to speak on injustice.
If we all mattered, do we all matter as the same as we say,  could one tell what happens to them without derailing other atrocities.
If I say that I am blacker than the night,  that my teeth shine in the darkened room will I appeal to you?
If I am blacker than what you see to laugh half-heartedly to racial banners,  jokes and ploys to amuse for entertainment.
Will I appeal to those who consider my linguistic expression as vulgar and say that all rap and hip hop promotes violence, will they like me?
Will I speak on that the lives slain in the streets, who once did and continue still to hang from trees are not as valuable as the other lives?
Will I swelter in my the tearducts of those who have seen many things and wish it were so to not fight fire with fire?
If the fire is ablaze, incinerating all within sight who have already  claimed darkness without the sun, have they set their own house on fire?
Or has the fire continued to burn inwardly, terrorizing across the neighborhood
Lurking behind children at night or in the day
Counting down to how many times they were slain
Will I quietly arise from this peculiar slumber that has set up on the country like a curse a witch has cast
And turn my head and say the ones who will not bring themselves to ownerships for their misdeeds do not deserve to remain resilient that justice was carried out.


If it’s fair game of chess than I’ve brought my cards

I do not howl at the kitchen table
That the world has treated us poorly
Nor do the groans deter me from rising,  once more to fill the duties
To say I have lived before
And just maybe hitting my funny bone for the fifth time in two weeks
Doesn’t incline me to say that the world is not fair
It is nor fair nor unfair
It is an active working Congress of delegations of what it means to be human
And we see ourselves as to feel completed
And can we allow those around us to harbor such same strides
I say the world is not fair or unfair
As the night carelessly gives away our doubts and countless discretion
That we are not as whole
As we claim
And nor our neighbors
And those whose faces we do not know
Green dots
Notification dings
I am not fair or unfair
In ignoring the pop up screen
2nd microwave ding
Sympathetic commercial appeal
I am not as whole
And neither are you
Neither are we as one
Or together
But what is a house without windows?
What is this world without anguish
And suffering
I am not fair or unfair
Even though systematic regiments
Accounted losses and gains
Come with wholesale
That we create what prolongs our suffering
And grace
We create our difficulties to understand
What it is to acquire that knowledge is not freely given without reservation
We teach
As to what is expected
We jostle with the known and the unknown
Setting aside opinions of others
To live with ourselves as we have learned to be
I do not hold hands in recollection at the dining table
To remember upon times
It was not so…
Easy peasy lemon squeazy
I bang my funny bone for the sixth time
Having a shot of pain
Shoot through my nerves
And that brief moment feels like forever.

Commencement speech to the graduating class

My commencement speech to the graduating class, I hope you fill your days finding solace besides performing on a numerical based ranking system and sheets of paper alluding predetermined destinies. I hope you put faith in the things that matter to you whether it’s employment, relationships, and self evaluation. There’s a substantial amount of people who will drive you to believe in things that will change the world. Money, does not equate a higher value over one’s life;  instead the usage of sharing a meal with others and knowing that one is more than just a statistic. I urge you to learn yourself.

The kids who are prime examples of what it means to be alright

I think I’ll go home and lay my bones down
Leave the door unlocked so the thief
Who arrives regularly as the mail men
Can take hold of them
I think I’ll go home
And remind myself how many times people aspire to say they are truly alright
Conscientious of how it’s more than enough to not be alright.
I think I’ll go home and turn all the lights on and sleep with them on
So thieves won’t stumble in the dark
But solace in what shines in the light
What beams through the window
As bright as headlights ten o clock at night
I think I’ll stay awhile
Dwindle the time away
Sewing each moment wasted on the hem of my night gown
I think I’ll stay awhile
And set the clocks back
Leave the house five minutes later than usual
Just to show how conscientious we all are
Of saying it’s alright to not want to leave the mattress
But lay there saying “I’m alright”
If I start to disappear the thieves will scatter the remnants of me
Around and around
Letting each one take flight
As I never had a chance to before
I think I’ll go home now
And no longer guard the door
For whoever comes in to see me
Will know
I’ll go home with this knot in the lobe of brain
How we can all say the kids are alright
Just let them sleep for a little while longer