Month: October 2014

A rock and a chipped tooth

When the bleakness of what comes
As constant as time
Stares you down,
I’ll call the names
All listing their deep sighs
And longer vowel distinctions
Where there is restlessness,
Your presence persists it is only temporary.
An exchange
A chipped tooth for a chipped tooth without the ache
It is temporary
That what remains consistent
Are our exchanges of no longer worrying what we cannot control
No longer batting an eye at the
To unravel your nerves
a wrench to an apprentices craftsmanship
No longer
Only seeing the bleakness
When the brightness of the light
Blinds before you see really where you are
And where you will be.
I call you by names
No one else knows but you
The name of the little voices
In your head


Cassette canaries

I tuck away the parts of myself
Folding each fold
In circumstances that to be unpredictable
Is to remain strong
I judge silently
Weighing each option
That no one can hurt me
I judge,
Arranging how honest one person can be
Without feeling as if a white lie
Can be traded for a piece of relief
That the outcomes of our lives are uncertain
I sing as a canary
Who claims to sing mostly croaking wails
When in light,
I come as kinder
As a traveler who speaks not of the perils of his town,
Nor the war that wages
But when the sun rises,
It shines perfectly to catch the glean on the forest of trees

The rat race to become human

Anguish arises when you dedicate your life,
Hoping to not leave it in ashes
Ruins of desperation
That time itself is not enough
To stop what ails us as being human
Flesh, Bones
Tendons and artificial technological advancements
Of our ancestors
I arrive as patient as a silent war
One that brews underneath the soil
Beneath rubber boots
And wallowing victims
Who cry to not be found
When they are hiding from
More than life.
Our moments that I tend to remember
Were the imperfect attempts at a sensational life
That depicts itself in photographs
When I ought
To find myself in thought
That we’ve made it this far
To get wherever else we need to be
Feel like we need to be
We are trying to complete the rat race