A-Z Mentality

Acquiring knowledge can challenge the mind

Be swift and punctual when you grieve

Come apart as though you know you will be together again

Does it become easier to learn, when you’re old?

Each thing you’ve known up to this point, will it move you?

Find the parts of yourself no one recognizes

Gently, the minister’s wife says our movement should be

Harvest all that you can to share abundantly

I give to you what I need to survive

Just as though my heart contains responsibility in loving

Killing a disease that strikes when we are fed

Let me become as a scholar that teaches to learn

Mouths pursed

Now let children look to skies without wondering if it caves in

Oh, what is it to be as nimble to go through life

Pushing constant as a thread through a needle

Question the world, child

Robustly an old man at the corner of 2nd street

Stand as though what is underneath you

Takes courage to overcome but not look down upon

Understand fairy tales are told for people to share common ground in any language

Vast the oceans and terrain stretch

Wanderers never seize to sell all of it

Xenophobia: a fear of those strange and peculiar tell the best travels

Yearn for what ignites you, fiery flames can remain ablaze if you allow them

Zones may divide us but we are collected to acquire what we have begun to understand


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