Month: September 2014

When I was five years old

I am something out of a picture book,  making quests up the stairs.  Each wooden stair was the stump of a tree; swinging one leg in front of the other, I made it to our first floor. Our house floated right over a church. The pews were a dull maroon color and the aisles were huge. I use to think if you weren’t careful, you could never leave that place. You can’t stay down there at night either. I never did find out why that was necessarily.

From time to time, our couches were as wide as boats and the cushions never seemed to end.



I give you
what I am
What I ascribe
Chase, grab, pinch and desire
I give you as much as what I remember to be real
Inclusions of childhood recollections and burnt candles to the nub
Ladies who press pennies into our four year old hands
tithes and offering
Mildred, speaks to me
That even the smallest amount means something

*Writers block*

Where do we get our names?

Far off in the beaming sun, a Kenyan woman stoops hacking away at sugar canes. She stops to adjust her straw hat, one side of it has a dead flower pinned to it. That flower ne’er fleets her unless its been replaced. She tends to hold on to things and give people the benefit of the doubt–

“What a lady” the workers comment. As soon as she walks up the path, children and women with fruits stop to greet her. They yell “jumbo” and “Asifewe”. ┬áMen tend to smile as they wipe the sweat from their brow, biking along the path to the market.

My father once said that when departing, the lady with my name who was bestowed with it first, had flowers flourish where she had beenbefore.

The sleepover

Write about a kid who is about to a dare she really doesn’t want to do.

The kids sat in a crescent shaped circle, they wiggled with anticipation that this was it. Laura would finally do it, as much as she tried to say she was tired and just wanted to sleep. Sleepovers are made for this moment alone. Laura’s forehead began to perspire sweat and she twisted the ends of her two french braids. She stood up and almost fell down.

Quickly, she very quietly said “Jacob”.

The kids in the crescent summoning howled! The room full of girls in arm with their American girl dolls erupted with shock. Why would Laura like Jacob, he smells like a tuna sandwich.

A-Z Mentality

Acquiring knowledge can challenge the mind

Be swift and punctual when you grieve

Come apart as though you know you will be together again

Does it become easier to learn, when you’re old?

Each thing you’ve known up to this point, will it move you?

Find the parts of yourself no one recognizes

Gently, the minister’s wife says our movement should be

Harvest all that you can to share abundantly

I give to you what I need to survive

Just as though my heart contains responsibility in loving

Killing a disease that strikes when we are fed

Let me become as a scholar that teaches to learn

Mouths pursed

Now let children look to skies without wondering if it caves in

Oh, what is it to be as nimble to go through life

Pushing constant as a thread through a needle

Question the world, child

Robustly an old man at the corner of 2nd street

Stand as though what is underneath you

Takes courage to overcome but not look down upon

Understand fairy tales are told for people to share common ground in any language

Vast the oceans and terrain stretch

Wanderers never seize to sell all of it

Xenophobia: a fear of those strange and peculiar tell the best travels

Yearn for what ignites you, fiery flames can remain ablaze if you allow them

Zones may divide us but we are collected to acquire what we have begun to understand


An old couple stops you in the street and says you’d be perfect for the job…

A man not merely older than 70, stopped me on the street. He says “people like us must still continue to live on”. The last of his words trailed off as he stares into the full western heat, shielding his eyes from the sun. The woman quietly presses a tiny flower seed down at the bench not too far away.

“She’s trying to hang in there, kid It’s hard not being able to be as you use to. Please teach her how to speak once more. Her voice was the most beautiful one I’ve ever heard.”